Rahma Riad Wakes Up Sleeping Prince with "Bosa"

Iraqi singer and Star Academy graduate Rahma Riad has collaborated with Jad Shwery for her newest music video.
The song is entitled "Bosa" or Kiss and the theme of the clip is inspired by Sleeping Beauty.
One can see a princess, a dwarf, a castle, a prince and even a spinning needle!

Rahma video clip Bosa

It's not bad at all, but I couldn't understand two things; The strange looking dwarf, who is neither a human nor an animal ... and why Rahma was dancing on top of a table!?

Rahma with dwarf and horse

In all cases, the song all in all is nice, because the tune is very familiar, mostly an Iraqi tune, and the lyrics are not bad at all ... which makes them and the plotline of the clip in complete harmony ...

But the twist is, in this story, it's not the prince that kisses the princess to wake her up, but the other way around!

Rahma and the sleeping prince

Watch "Bosa" here.

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