Happy Earth Day 2014

Today marks yet another Earth Day ... and we're still talking about the simple steps every human of us can take to be part of a global movement to help save the environment ...
If each and every one of us thought twice before acting, then we'd be one step closer to a better environment and to saving Mother Earth*.

Happy Earth Day 2014

Simple steps we can practice in our everyday life that are easy and can contribute to a better life and to conserving the environment for generations to come, because of we don't, whether we like it or not, there will come a day when everything changes and we won't find water to drink, vegetables to eat, and clean air to breathe ..

Here are a few simple things to do ..
- Close the tap when brushing your teeth.
- Close the lights in a room if you're not there.
- Walk to the Supermarket .. don't use the car when going somewhere near.
- Plant a tree every time you get a chance.
- Don't open the Air Conditioning as soon as summer arrives, try to be as patient as possible.
- Don't throw garbage on the floor.
- Recycle as much as possible.
- Use brown paper bags when grocery shopping, don't use plastic bags.
- Don't use any type of aerosol sprays.

Can you think of other simple ways of helping? Please share ...

*Why do I keep calling our planet Mother Earth?
Because it is our mother ... she gives us the water we drink, the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat. She gives us the natural gas and petrol we use for warming our houses. She gives and gives and we just keep on taking and taking ... without thinking of the consequences ...

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