Stars Transform into Other Stars on "Shaklak Mish Ghareeb"

MBC has started a new entertainment show that's sure to blow your socks off ... it's the Arab version of the show "Your Face Sounds Familiar".
Let's start from the top, the host is none other than the multi talented and handsome Toni Abu Jawdeh and the judging panel is made up of super uber stars; Haifa Wehbe, Hakim and Mohammed Sami.

Shakalk Mish Ghareeb on MBC

As for the 8 stars who take on the transformation challenge every week, they are Wael Mansour, Tamer Abdel Moneam, Mais Hamdan, Khaled Al Shaer, Jennifer Grout, Basema and Abdel Moneam Amairi and Dima Qandalaft.

MBC premiered the show yesterday on MBC 4 and MBC Misr, under the title "Shaklak Mish Ghareeb", which translated into Your Face is Familiar.

So, each Saturday the celebrities are challenged to perform different iconic music artists, which are chosen by the big red button; the "Randomizer".

During last night's episode, Haifa transformed herself into Hind Rustum ... and performed her song "Sonia".

Haifa becomes Hind Rustum

WaelMansour as PSY

As for the rest of the celebrities:
Wael Mansour got PSY and danced to the tunes of Gangnam Style!
Tamer Abdel Moneam got Hani Shaker and performed "Ba7ibak Ana".
Mais Hamdan got Latifa and did her 90's song "Ba7ib fi Gharamak".
Kahled Al Shaer got Cheb Khaled and danced to the famous song "Didi".
Jennifer Grout got Majida Al Roumi and did "I3tazalt El Gharam".
Basema got Sabah and did "Za2fe Za2fe"
Abdel Moneam Amairi got Kathem Al Saher and did "Quoli O7iboka".
Dima Qandalaft got Najwa Kaaram and sang "Ta3a Khabik".

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