Haifa Wehbe Under Harsh Attack!

Haifa Wehbe has managed to succeed and make people attack her all at the same time in her new movie "Halawet El Rouh"!
After the release of the movie, she got positive criticism and with the passing of the days, managed to get negative criticism as well.

Haifa Wehbe Under Harsh Attack!

Now, both Egypt and Dubai are looking into banning the movie from cinemas!
The reason behind that .. the exact words are: "the movie insults traditions and morals" !

The movie is being previewed in most Arab countries ... and is getting mixed reactions from viewers.
Some are praising Haifa for the courage she had to play her character, while others are attacking her because she ventured into playing a "taboo" character in "taboo" situations ...

Haifa has defended herself and the movie, and said that she's being under attack for the sole reason that she is "Haifa" ... if it were some other actress, she wouldn't be under such harsh attack ... Do YOU think that's true?

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