Shah Rukh Khan, Super Dad & Goodwill Ambassador

Shah Rukh Khan is an actor, a businessman, a cricket club owner and you can add to those a super dad and a goodwill ambassador!
After finishing 19 nights of shooting for his latest movie "Happy New Year" with Farah Khan, Shah Rukh went home to rest and get ready to start daddy duties!
Wife Gauri is busy these days with her new real estate business and has lots of travelling to do, thus it's now time for Shah Rukh to babysit his three kids, Aryan, Suhana and baby AbRam.

SRK with his kids, Suhana and Aryan

Shah Rukh seems to be enjoying it, because this morning he tweeted a most heart melting tweet: "The morning today was full of hugs nd kisses from the kids. Their scent is made up of innocence…smiles & hope of only good things."

Today, Shah Rukh also took a bit of time for formal duties, traveling to Delhi for a special event.
He has been named Goodwill Ambassador by the Korean Embassy and was honored in a ceremony held at The Westin Gurgaon, in New Delhi.

SRK goodwill ambassador

Give it up for Shah Rukh Khan!

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