A Walking, Talking Life-Size Barbie

Who doesn't know Barbie? Boys and girls of all ages know her and most girls have owned one or played with one. But till yesterday, I thought that Barbie existed as a doll only ...
Turns out there's an actual human Barbie and she really does resemble the doll I used to play with back in 1986!

Meet Valeria Lukyanova, The Human Barbie! Although she prefers to be called "Amatue".
The photo below is not photoshopped in any way, this is exactly what she looks like with makeup on. And her body is exactly the measurements of Barbie; big, round breasts, tiny tiny waist, nearly non-existent hips and sculpted legs. I tell you she's an exact life-size replica of a doll!

The Human Barbie

Valeria has worked so hard to become a human doll ... the long, straight bleach blond hair, the wide eyes, the tiny mouth, the fake silicon boobs, the way she poses her self and the all-liquid diet she's been on for ever; carrot juice and chutney!

On another level, this doll is not child-friendly in any way! She's actually repulsed by kids and hates them!
In her own words, she tells GQ magazine journalist: "I'd rather die from torture, because the worst thing in the world is to have a family lifestyle." Her view of the matter goes something like this: "But what would you keep the children for? So they can get you a glass of water when you're on your deathbed?"

From this we understand that Barbie, I mean Amatue, is not mommy material!

This is just grotesque .. going under the knife to look like a plastic doll ... where's the beauty in that? It's gross! And believe you me, she's got so many complexes, too many to count!

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