Haifa Wehbe Passes "Halawat El Rouh" Test

Haifa Wehbe is the bomb! Why do I say that? Because yesterday was the premier of her second acting venture; "Halawet El Rouh".
The diva arrived at the Beirut premier in a body-hugging, mini dress, which i suspect we've seen on her before ... In all cases the dress is by Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran.
Oh Yes! She wore this dress on the cover of Al Shabaka magazine back in December 2013!
In all cases, she was spotted in the front seats among stars like Ramy Ayach.

Haifa and Ramy at premier

And the critics were all positive, praising Haifa's acting talent and her ability to really get to the audience and even drive them to cry in certain scenes! Ones that may be called "Oscar moments" !!!

Critics have even gone to say that Haifa is no doubt a professional actress and has managed to pass the acting test yet again.

Have you seen "Halawet El Rouh" ? What did you think of the movie as a whole and of Haifa's acting in particular?

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