Arab Idol 3 Without Ragheb Alamah?

Arab Idol has had a certain special taste with the members of the jury, Ragheb Alamah, Ahlam, Hassan Al Shafie and lately Nancy Ajram ... the way they interact with each other, the funny things they say and spontaneous silly things they do. Those four, together, made Arab Idol the show it is today.

Ragheb Alamah leaves Arab Idol

Things may change in the coming 3rd season ... because Ragheb Alamah seems to have left the show! And don't think it's because of Ahlam! No, there has been a conflict between him and the program's manager in MBC and that conflict seems to gave snowballed and has driven Ragheb to just dropping the whole thing!

Nancy Ajram tweeted today about that, stating that she's hoping Ragheb would be with them on the judging panel of Arab Idol 3 and that his presence is what makes them a family ... Ragheb replied with saying that he thanks her from his heart, that she's a shining light on the show and that he wishes her a great and successful season ...

This is how the tweets went:

Nancy: : "كلمة من القلب... تمنياتي أن يكون الصديق راغب علامة معنا في لجنة تحكيم "اراب آيدول" هذا الموسم"
: "أنا حريصة على استمرار نجاح البرنامج، واحب جمهوره، وأقدر كافة أعضاء اللجنة... ووجود راغب يعزز روح العائلة التي تجمعنا في "آيدول.

Ragheb: ": "حبيبة قلبي نانسي. بشكرك من قلبي. انت الضوء الجميل والقلب الكبير في اراب ايدول. اتمنى لكً موسم ناجح وستكوني متألقة كالعادة

What do you think?
Will Arab Idol be the same without Ragheb Alamah?

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