Ajmal Sinin Omrena with Hilda Khalifeh

Have you been waiting for a new show to watch? The Voice just ended and Star Academy is still way far! So, what to watch?
Well, there's a new singing show, which starts tonight on CBC, and the main star is non other than the ever so beautiful and young, Hilda Khalifeh!

Ajmal Sinin Omrena with Hilda Khalifeh

Hilda won't be singing or anything like that, but she'll be the host ... and that she does really well!
The show is called "Ajmal Sinin Omrena" and is like a competition between music in terms of years ... like 70's Vs. 80's and 80's Vs. 90's ... Sounds interesting!

Tonight the game is on between stars from the 90's; Hakim and Mohammad Hinedi and the 50's! The episode will be a trip back to the 90's and 50's with singing and dancing ... I guess generations of the 50's will favor that, while the new generation of the 90's will favor that ... or will they?

During the show, you'll be seeing some of your favorite stars like some who graduated from Star Academy and others from the Arabic music scene. Let it be a surprise!

Tune in to CBC at 8.00 Cairo time to see what this show is all about.

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