Arab Celebrities on Twitter Now!

Who of us doesn't Tweet these days? We've all gotten transformed into tiny little blue birds chirping and tweeting all over! Celebrities aren't much different and they too have taken to Twitter to spread and share their news.
Arab celebs seem to like Twitter because they get to give their fans the real deal straight from the source. Which is always a good thing.

Today I've decided to share with you what some of the Arab celebs are tweeting right this moment ...

Miriam Fares just posted that she's "Getting ready for my new series press conference in four season hotel" in Beirut.

As for Ahlam, who just finished working on her upcoming album, tweeted something very important for every man to remember: "الأنثى خلقت من ضلعك وليس من قدمك لتمشي عليها بل خلقت من جانب ضلعك ومن تحت ذراعك لتحميها وجانب قلبك لتحبها" ...

Nancy Ajram, who is excited about her new album, tweeted a photo from the #8 booklet, which she says is styled by FENDI ... Oh La La!

Nancy Ajram by FENDI

Ragheb Alamah also tweeted: "الآن وصلت الى باريس يومين للراحة".

As for Haifa Wehbe, she tweeted a couple of complaints about the way Ricky Martin was welcomed on the stage of The Voice on Saturday night ... Check it out:
"Ricky martin deserves a better welcoming.. when a huge star like Ricky Martin makes his way to Lebanon i think he deserves a better welcoming than the one he received tonight on stage.. Ricky spoke few arabic words out of respect, he could hav at least got a nice reply from our stars just a Tiny Hi Ricky welcome to lebanon!"

So, what do you think?

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