Shahrukh Khan Transforms Himself for "Fan"

Shahrukh Khan is preparing for a role that is going to surprise us all! We don't know much about his character or the movie, all we know is that he's teamed up with the make-up artist who did the make-up for Brad Pitt in Benjamin Button, for his lead role in the upcoming movie "Fan".

Shahrukh makeup room

Only a behind the scenes photo was released, of Sharhukh in his make-up room getting his hair done by Hollywood make-up artist Greg Cannom.

The director, Maneesh Sharma, said that this glimpse is all we're getting, because he wants to keep everything under wraps. In a statement he said: "We are attempting a never-seen before look for Shah Rukh which will be both challenging for us and exciting for the viewer. Understandably, this will be kept under wraps till the first look of the film is revealed."

Shahrukh will be transformed ... but we'll have to wait and count the days until we get to see what he's going to look like!

"Fan" is currently in pre-production but shooting will begin in July.
It is set for an August 2015 release, if things go as planned.

Shahrukh is currently wrapping up his work on Happy New Year with renowned director Farah Khan.

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