Clusters of Light Start Tomorrow

Arab Idol Mohammed Assaf is joining forces with a number of mega stars like Ali Hajjar, Lotfi Boushnak and Hussein Al Jasmi for a mega performance entitled "Clusters of Light" that has been put together in celebration of Sharjah being 2014 Capital of Islamic Culture.

Clusters of Light

This huge musical composition is about Prophet Mohammad and and reviews the history of Islam from the Prophet's birth to his death.

The event will extend along 5 days, from March 26th to April 5th, and will take the audience in a journey back in time, from the darkness, struggle and challenges to the beginnings of Islam. It goes on to tell the story of Islamís great early accomplishments.

Clusters of Light Start Tomorrow

This is not only a celebration, this is an opportunity to show the world the true picture of Islam, it's values and it's calling for love and peace.

The oratorio will be held in a specially built venue in the style of ancient Roman theaters, and will host around 4.500 spectators.

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