Katrina Kaif to Team up with Shahrukh Khan Again

When Katrina Kaif and Shahrukh Khan teamed up for the 2012 romantic movie "Jab Tak Hai Jaan", they caused a resonating explosion!
If you haven't seen the movie, then you wouldn't know about the few sizzling scenes they did together. But they did and there were a couple of kisses and one scene where they rolled in bed together, naked and covered in white sheets ...
I need to focus, back to the main issue ... Katrina and Shahrukh are rumored to be teaming up again for "Raees" a movie where Sharukh plays a bootlegger.

Katrina and Shahrukh

News had it that the producers where still in talks with Katrina, but it seems she's given them the OK and is going to venture into another collaboration with The Badshah of Bollywood.

There's no set date for the beginning of the shooting, but surely she's got to finish working on her two current projects and then the work on "Raees" will start.

Katrina once said that she feels afraid when working with Sharukh Khan, let's see how afraid she'll be the second time around she's romancing him!

And one more question for you girls out there ... how many of you wish to be in Kartina's shoes when the on-screen romance starts heating up and sparks start flying?!

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