Dead Fish Washing Up on Tunisia Shores

The environment is changing and global warming is affecting everything and everyone on this planet.
The latest alarming event which is also a sign that the environment is in a very bad shape is something scary that happened in Tunisia during the past weekend.

On Sunday 9th of March, and on three different beaches across the country, fish started showing up dead!
In the famous port of Sidi Bou Said, a huge 15-meter-long whale was found dead inside the yacht-filled marina!

dead whale

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In Nabeul, people woke up to huge number of dead mullet that have washed ashore!
As for Bizerte, hundreds of dead jellyfish, some of which are huge in size, were found covering the beach of "Ras Jbal"!

dead mullet

dead jellyfish

It's worth mentioning that last week, in Mehdia, a whale was also found dead on the shores of the city.

This means there's a serious chance in water temperatures in the Mediterranean sea and the marine life is becoming out of balance.

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