Phone Number for 2.1 Million Dollars!

I have a cell phone and naturally I have a number so my friends and family could call me on it ... I don't care what my number looks like because after all it's just a number! But not all people share my opinion, because some people try to look for VIP numbers or special combinations. Some want their phone number to be the exact same combination of their car plate number, others want their phone number to be their birth date!

Phone Number for 2.1 Million Dollars

The thing is, some VIP numbers and combinations are very expensive!
The latest VIP number sale happened in Dubai and the number 0507777777 was sold for a whopping 2.1 million dollars!

The second expensive number was 0507777770 and was sold for 1.2 million!

How posh is that? Or maybe the question should be how "shallow" is that?
Spending such huge sums of money on a phone number?
Wouldn't it have been better if these people spent this money, or even half of it, to help the poor and needy?

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