Suzanne Najm Eddine, Twice a Bride?!

Syrian actress Suzanne Najm Eddine surprised her fans last week with photos of her engagement to a wealthy businessman from UAE.
This is what news sites and blogs reported, but the truth of the matter is totally different!
Turns out Suzanne is filming scenes from her upcoming Khaliji drama, entitled "Wesh Waj3ak".

Suzanne Najm Eddine

The photos were simply taken out of context and used to weave rumors about the actress.
Never the less, Suzanne thanked those who wrote about the photos, but asked them to verify the truth before publishing and wished all those who wish to be married soon that their dreams come true.

So, Suzanne isn't getting remarried to a wealthy businessman from the Gulf, and as far as we know she's still with her Syrian husband, Siraj Al Atasi.

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