Woman Orders Bentley in Favorite Nail Polish Color!

People have color preferences, and that's normal. Some people like black, while others prefer red! Some may like orange and green, while others go for brown and grey.
When it comes to cars, the story is quite the same, but there's one woman who has taken the color preference a bit too far!
A wealthy woman from a Gulf country has decided to buy a fully loaded Bentley Continental GT Speed coupe ... and has had a special request from the luxurious car company; she doesn't fancy any of the 117 colors the company offers the car in, but wants her new car to be the exact same color of her favorite nail polish!

Bentley Continental GT Speed coupe

The woman, who is said to be from Kuwait, made things even harder for Bentley and refused to give the company representative the nail polish bottle, but decided to paint one of his nails in the wanted color, so he can fly back to the company headquarters and show them the actual color so that they can start customizing the paint for the body!

Unfortunately, this woman's favorite color was not disclosed! Bummer!

If there's something to be learned from this story, it's that some women really love their nail polish!!!

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