Arab Idol 3 is on the way!

The third season of the very successful talent show Arab Idol is on the roll! Casting dates have been announced and the judges will start their tour in search for the best voices.
The first casting will take place in beautiful Morocco, specifically in Casablanca at the famous Royal Mansour Hotel on the 26th of February ... so if you're in Morocco, get your engines started!

Arab Idol 3 is on the way!

Check the rest of the announced casting dates after the jump ...

France, Paris at AICOM Academy, 3bis Cite Bergere - 75009 on March 2nd.
Germany, Berlin at Estrel Hotel on March 5th.
Egypt, Alexandria at Helnan Palestine Hotel on March 9th.
Egypt, Cairo at Sheraton Dream Land on March 13th.
Lebanon, Beirut at Regency Palace Adma on March 30th.

More dates will be announced soon so keep on checking back for updates on casting in Dubai, Ramallah, Erbil and Bahrain.

If you're serious, then you'll have to be at the venue at 8 am sharp, bring along a photocopy of your passport or ID card, if you play a musical instrument then don't hesitate to bring it along and play it, if you're between the age of 15 and 18 you'll have to bring along a parent and don't forget to prepare and practice three of your favorite songs for the judges.

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