Ghada Abdel Raziq Planning to Retire

Ghada Abdel Raziq will be retiring sooner than later! Ghada is just waiting for her current project to be finalized and will bid acting farewell! Believe it or not.

Ghada Abdel Raziq Planning to Retire

"Shajarat Al Durr" is the current drama series Ghada is working on, when it's done and all is over, she'll be turning a new page and will try her luck in a different kind of business; opening a big restaurant and being there 24/7 to make sure it runs like clock work.

Ghada revealed this and more in a live interview on one of the Egyptian satellite channels.
She also revealed that she's gone through very difficult times starting with the death of her father when she was small and then the death of both her brother and mother.

What do you think?
Will Ghada really retire or will she change her mind?
What if she does retire and opens up her own restaurant, will she be a good restaurant manager?

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