Lara Scandar is Falling Out Of Love

Star Academy alumni, Lara Scandar is really a hard working gal! She's either in a studio recording something, on a plane zooming off to some place beautiful for a shoot, glamming her self up for a photo shoot or doing a commercial for Herbal Essences! She's a busy bee!

Lara Scandar is Falling Out Of Love

Her latest music video and song is "Falling Out Of Love" ...

Although the idea of the clip is redundant and so is the story of the song, but never the less, I like it! I like the tune and the lyrics and the clip all in all, except the shot where the cam closes up on the Herbal Essences collection in the bath!!! As always, I hate sponsoring that's too obvious!

Lara Scandar is Falling Out Of Love

Lara is a bubbly personality and she's up for the challenge to become an International star ... she's got the looks and the ambition so she just needs to be put on the right track, which I think she's beginning to be on, with this song in particular.

And if you listen to "Falling Out of Love" a couple of times, it becomes catchy!

Watch Lara Scandar's "Falling Out of Love"

Do you remember Lara's very first music video? Mission is You?

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