Ahmad Helmi & Mona Zaki are NOT Divorced!

Ever since they got married, rumors have been popping up here and there regarding the sudden divorce of Ahmad Helmi and Mona Zaki .. the newest came today, with even details of their separation!

Ahmad Helmi & Mona Zaki are NOT Divorced!

Ahmad and Mona have been married for more than 8 years and are a happy couple.
The proof that they are still together is a very recent photo of them together in Beirut.
Mona decided to surprise her hubby and showed up unexpectedly on the set of Arabs Got Talent, where he is a judge.

After the show, she invited Ahmad and a bunch of their Lebanese friends for dinner and everyone had a blast!
Mona even posted a photo of the dinner on her Twitter account ... Isn't that proof enough?

So, for all you rumor spinning spiders, lay off! Ahmad and Mona are in love and are not going their separate ways. They have not divorced and they have no marital problems!
Stop spreading rumors, it's such a measly thing to do!

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