Ghada Abdel Raziq is Shajarat Al-Durr

Ghada Abdel Raziq took to her Twitter account some time ago and was expressing her intention to quit acting ... but it seems just a couple of days ago and after getting the script for a series about the famous Shajarat Al-Durr, she decided against that.

Ghada Abdel Raziq is Shajarat Al-Durr

Why did the role of Shajarat Al-Durr make Ghada change her mind?
Well, Shajarat Al-Durr was a very important woman during the Ayyubid and Mamluk era.
She was a slave, who turned into the queen (or Sultana) of Egypt!

So, it's not a role to be turned down ... don't you think?

The series will be directed by the famous Lebanese director Saied Al Marouq.
According to Al Marouq, the series will be huge, unlike any other drama ever seen on the Arabic screen!

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