Marwa: Another Singer Making Money in the Name of Islam

Ufff ... that's becoming irritating ... another singer, this time Lebanese singer Marwa is trying so hard, so hard that she is trying to make money now through a Doaa (دعاء) kind of song!
Seriously Marwa? Among all people, I couldn't and still can't imagine you singing an Islamic song and what is even worse making a video clip for it.

Marwa with a headscarf

I believe all singers, except a few highly respected and conservative singers, should stay away from making songs as form of Ad3yia (ادعية) during Ramadan and any other months of the year. It's a cheap and unacceptable way of making money.

Just to be a fair, unless the singer decided to only sing such kind of religious songs for the rest of his/her career, it's not right. How come Marwa, who is known for cheap video clips and cheap movies not to mention several scandals at concerts and during TV interviews ... to appear now with a covered head making Doaa and after the Eid breaking all kinds of Shyness ... Give me a break ...

Using religion and religious events, in this case Islam and Ramadan, to make money is not acceptable.

Marwa and all you singers out there, who do all kind of trading in the name of Islam, stay away.

Photos from Marwa Ramadan 2013 Video Clip

Photos from Marwa Ramadan 2013 Video Clip

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