Dounia Batma, A Stepmother Soon!

Dounia Batma

Remember Moroccan Arab Idol 2 contestant Dounia Batma and Arabs Got Talent contestant Hala Al-Turk? Well, Hala's father Mohammad Al-Turk who happened to be Dounia's manager will be the future husband of Dounia!

Dounia Batma with Mohammad Al-Turk and Hala

During a recent interview, Dounia and Mohammad announced that they are engaged and that they are going to get married next January at one of Casablanca big hotels and that many celebrities will be among the wedding guests...

It's worth mentioning that Mohammad Al-Turk is still married and Dounia Batma will be his second wife.

Watch the video of Dounia Batma and Mohammad Al Turk announcing their engagement

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