Sana' Youssef is Tunisian, not Egyptian!

Last year, during Ramadan and in the TV series "Firkat Naji Attallah", we met a new actress called Sana' Youssef.

Sana' Youssef

She proved to be soft on the eyes and a good actress too.
I just came across an article about her in one of the online newspapers and they think she's Egyptian ... but she's not! She's actually Tunisian.

This year, Sana' is going to be on your TV screens alongside Syrian actor Jamal Sulaiman in the series "Nuqtat Dha3f".

She started acting at an early age and I've gotten the chance to see her in a couple of Tunisian TV series and she's really good at her job.

Sana' is only one of the Tunisian actresses that have taken the Egyptian acting scene by storm .. the other famous names are Hind Sabri and Dorra Zarrouk.

What do you think of those Tunisian actresses?
They pick up the Egyptian accent quickly and make it their own!
They are good actresses too ... which one do you like best?

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