Ramadan 2013 is Packed on MBC

This Ramadan, you'll surely be pinned to your TV screens for the annual TV series marathon!
On MBC, you can find the funny, the scary, the dramatic and more .. something for every taste.
Whether you're into Egyptian, Syrian or Khaliji drama, you'll find it all, in addition to quiz and trivia shows as usual!

Ramadan 2013 is Packed on MBC

You'll be entertained by the elite of Arabic drama and comedy; Duraid Lahham, Nasser Al Qasabi, Abdel Hussein Abdel Ridha, Adel Imam, Jamal Sulaiman, Mona Zaki, Hayat Al Fahd and Souad Abdallah ... that's just to name a few!

After the jump you'll find a list of all Ramadan 2013 shows on MBC ... jump!!!

Khawater 9, a successful show by Ahmad AlShugairi.

Mawga Harra, Egyptian drama starring Jordanian actor Eyad Nassar, about a policeman investigating drugs and prostitution cases and suddenly finds himself investigating a murder.

Sana3oud Ba3da Qalil, Syrian drama starring Duraid Lahham.
The series sheds light on the Syrian revolution ... or war ... and the situation of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Niran Sadiqa, Egyptian drama/ thriller.

WiFi 2, Khaliji comedy and funny sketches.

Abu Al Malaeen, a Khaliji comedy starring two of the biggest comedians in the Gulf, Nasser Al Qasabi and Abdel Hussein Abdel Ridha.

Al 3arraf, Egyptian comedy starring Adel Imam.

Nuqtat Dha3f, Egyptian drama with a Syrian whiff! Starring Jamal Sulaiman, who plays a handsome and rich dentist who's still a bachelor!

Asia, Egyptian drama starring Mona Zaki. A story of amnesia, disappearance and mystery!

Tawali El Leil, Khaliji drama about a couple, both lawyers, and deprived of the ability to have children. The husband loves his wife but she's always doubtful that he may want to leave her and that turns their life into a living hell, thus diminishing his love for his wife.

Tareq w Hayouna. The usual Ramadan quiz show that is fun filled and prize filled!

Hurouf w Ulouf. Try your luck with Mohammad Al Shehri and see what big prize you can win.

El Beit Beit Abuna, starring two of the biggest actresses in the Gulf, Hayat Al Fahd and Souad Abdallah. Two divorced sisters move back into their father's house and the fun begins!!

Al Masageel 3 ... a fantastic and uber funny "bedouin" cartoon! 3rd season lust tell you that it's a success!

Al Andalus, a show with Amr Khaled. Obviously about the life of Muslims in Andalusia, their success and the reasons behind their fall.

There are a couple more shows ... but I'll leave those for you to discover!

Which show/ series are you looking forward to?

- Ramadan 2013 TV Series on CBC

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