Murex D'Or 2013 Winners

The Murex D'Or is an event has big in Lebanon as the Oscar's are in Hollywood!
The event was founded by two Lebanese physicians back in 2000 to honor achievements in Art in Lebanon.
Yesterday the 2013 ceremony was held in Casino du Liban despite of the problems in Lebanon and the fighting going on between rebels and the Army down in Sidon.

Murex D'Or 2013 Winners

The red carpet was star studded with celebrities from across the Arab world.
The winners who top the list are Ahlam, who received an honorary award for lifetime achievement award and Nancy Ajram for most popular and successful Arab artist.

As for the rest of the very long list ... Here's a few that you may be familiar with:

Best Lebanese singers Wael Kfouri and Elissa
Best Video Clip Said Al Marouq for Maya Diab's song "Shaklak Ma Bta3refsh"
Best Promising Actors Nicolas Meher and Sara Kenaan
Best New Arab singers Lara Skander and Nasif Zaitoun
Best New Lebanese singers Saad Ramadan and Nadin Saab
Best Young Lebanese Star Joseph Attieh
Best Arab Actor Maxim Khalil
Best Arab singers Nawal Al Kuwaitia and Majed Al Mohandes

And the list goes on ... but Haifa was totally out of the race! What do you think about that!?

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