Arab Idol 2 Finale -LIVE-

The night kicks off with welcoming the judges onto the stage and then we get to see the joint video clip the three finalists recorded together.
The song is called "Kol Youm" and the clip is directed by famous director Fadi Haddad and is sponsored by Chevrolet.

Arab Idol 2 Finale

The 13 contestants who reached the final phase of Arab Idol came up on stage and sang a special song that was done especially for Arab Idol, "Tareeq Jadid". Each had a part to sing and even Perwaz had a part in Kurdish.

The guest tonight is Assi El Hillani.

As for the judges ... they all look suave and chic ... but Ahlam looks heavenly in that golden Tony Yaacoub dress, and stunning eye-blinding jewelry by Mouawad.

After the break, Assi comes up on stage and performs for the masses!
He is joined on stage with M. Assaf and Ahmad Gamal, Ziad Khoury and Farah Yousef for a medley of his most popular songs.

After the break, Farah presents us with a surprise!
She's singing the same song she sang in her first audition. "Ifra7 ya Albi" by Umm Kulthoum.

After the break, Assi performs again and a surprise from Ahmad Gamal.
Assi lights up the stage and drives the audience crazy with his song "Sawt el 7ida".

And Ahmad Gamal performs a song, the one he sang in his first audition, while playing his favorite instrument, the 'Oud.

After the break, M. Assaf will surely be performing the first song he sang in his first audition as well! "Safini Marra, Gafini Marra" by Abdel Halim.

Assi graces the stage yet again!
Another beautiful performance of his song "Mili Bi 3abatek".
The background Dabkeh just never gets old! Always a wow factor!

After the break, the 27 contestants who participated in the show from the beginning, performed "Les Miserables", from the play with the same name in Arabic.
After they're done, Nancy asks for a re-do and they sing it again!
A beautiful joint performance from those beautiful voices.
The two songs performed were translated into Arabic by Nizar Francis.

The winner is Mohammad Assaf from Palestine and he was presented with the prize by Assi Hillani. He was also given the title of Ambassador by the UNRWA.

And because he is the "Idol" he performs the winning song which is dedicated to Palestine.

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