The Finalists Rock Arab Idol 2 -LIVE-

Tonight is the last night before the "Arab Idol" is revealed ... and what a night is's going to be!
The show kicked off with a breathtaking mega mash-up/ medley from the 27 contestants who participated in Arab Idol 2. Their performance ended with an explosion of fire works!

The Finalists Rock Arab Idol 2

The judges look uber stunning tonight, especially Nancy Ajram and Ahlam!
I wonder how they'll be looking tomorrow!

Tonight, each finalist will be singing 3 songs.
The first to perform is Ahmad Gamal and he chooses to sing a song by Saber El Rebai, 3ala Nar.
Ahlam commented on his performance by saying that she forgot to breath all through the song ... he did great!

As for Farah, because she's the only girl among the finalists ... she's getting a total makeover, she'll be wearing 4 stunning gowns tonight by Zuhair Murad and she'll be pairing them with even more stunning jewelry from Mouawad.

She performs "Qudoud Halabiya" in a royal purple flowing gown.
Ragheb Alama comments by telling her voice is like a cool summer breeze.

After the break, Mohammad Assaf performs an oldie, Ya Leile Essabr.
The judges gave him a standing ovation for a perfect performance. Mashallah

Next is Farah again, she chooses to sing a song by Abbadi Johar.
I must say, she looks great in that strapless, pink gown.

Another break, after which Ahmad and Mohammad will be performing again.
Ahmad sings one by Hussein Al Jasmi, with Michel Fadel accompanying him piano.

Oh!! Ahlam is hungry again!! She wants KFC again!!

Mohammad Assaf is next and he sings a Mohammad Abdu song, Lana Allah.
His performance sent shivers down my spine!

Farah's last song is "Biktob Ismek Ya Bladi". Perfect!

Mohammad's last choice is the much awaited song "3alli El Koufiyeh".

Ahmad's last song is a mix of patriotic songs about Egypt.

As for the surprise everyone has been talking about since the beginning of the night ... It's a mash-up that the three finalists perform together: Ah Ya 3eni Ya Leil & Yebaa Dasmu Kalam.

- Photos: Arab Idol 2 Friday 21 June 2013 Episode
- Arab Idol 2 Finale
- Mohammad Assaf is The Winner of Arab Idol 2

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