Professional Finalists on Arab Idol 2!

Last night was a night to remember on Arab Idol 2!
The judges got blown away just as much as the audience ... with the great performances from the finalists.
There was also a special appearance from Egyptian singer Amal Maher, who performed solo and an impromptu performance of Dalida's famous song "Hilwa Ya Baladi" with host Ahmad Fahmi.

Abdel Karim Hamdan

Farah from Syria sang Mayada Al Hinnawi's song "Habena".
The 4 judges were awe-struck with her voice and the way she performed.
Ragheb told her that she deserves to be the successor of a great Syrian voice like Al Hinnawi's.

Mohannad from Iraq sang Saadoun Jaber's song "Lu7 w Lawa7".
Ahlam and Hassan praised his singing and were impressed.
Nancy and Ragheb has their reservations.

Salma Rachid from Morocco sang Samira Said's song "3al Bal".
They all loved her, but told her that she needs to find a character for herself on stage.

Abdul Karim From Syria sang Wadih Al Safi's song "3ala Rimsh 3iounha".
He definitely did much better than last time but the judges thought that he needed to choose his songs wisely in order to bring out the full potential of his voice.

Yusra from Morocco chose a Nancy Ajram song!
They were happy with her and Nancy specifically was happy with the way she performed her song.

Faris from Saudi Arabia sang Mohammad Abdo's song "Ma 3ad Badri".
The judges were stunned and he got a standing ovation from Ahlam!

Hanan from Bahrain sang Ahlam's very first song "Ana Rabbi Balani".
This song is 18 years old!
Hanan's performance brought back so many memories for Ahlam.
She did good, but Nancy told her that entering into the domain of Ahlam is a difficult task!

Ziad Khouri from Lebanon sang ;;
He did great and the judges loved him totally ... the audience went mad after his performance.
Ahlam told him that with this performance, he made the sun rise over Beirut at 12.00 am!

Mohammad Assaf from Palestine sang Ragheb Alama's 26-year-old song "Ya Reit".
It sure was a performance to remember and a joy to listen to!
He gave the song new life and Ragheb was so taken by him that he gave him the OK to record the song with his voice and release it as a single or in his debut album!
It was certainly a great choice.

Sabrine from Egypt sang Thikra's song "Kul Elli Lamuni".
Hassan told her that she did fine, but she needs to have more control over her voice.
She also could have done better with the choice of song.
If she works hard, her voice will be one of the most important voices in the Arab world.

Ahmad Jamal from Egypt did a Mohammad Abdul Wahab song.
He impressed all the four judges. He did great!
Nancy thought he was perfect and Ahlam thought he was the best performance of the night!

Perwas from Kurdistan sang a mix of a Kurdi song and "3al 3ein Mulaiti".
They loved her ... and so did I! She did great.
Ahlam, as usual, thinks she's perfect and Hassan told her that every time she gets up on stage, he learns something new from her!

Tonight, the results show will surely be tense, because 2 finalists will be leaving this time!
The guest will be Moroccan singer Samira Said.

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