Eliana Nehme, Miss Ronde Arabe 2013 (Miss Fat Arab 2013)

Beauty pageants always focus on the most beautiful, most slender and lastly, the cleverest of the lot! But a couple of weeks back, on a show on one of the Lebanese channels, a beauty pageant of a different category was held ... who's the fairest of the fattest!!!

Eliana Nehme

Miss Ronde Arabe 2013 was held with the participation of 10 big size beauties from around the Arab world, from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia and Morocco.

They were given 20 points each for strutting their stuff in casual wear, swimsuits, evening gowns and 40 points for the final questions, which were dropped on them by a prestigious jury.

Photos from Miss Ronde Arabe 2013 (Photos of Eliana Nehme and the contestants)

Photos Miss Fat Arab 2013

The lucky lady was Lebanese Eliana Nehme, while the two runner ups were Tunisian Zeina Hedhili and Lebanese Donia Kamana.

Though after looking at the pictures, I found Jordanian Maysa Al Thaher to be quite cute! Why wasn't she chosen as one of the those three? I wouldn't know!!

Interview with Eliana Nehme:

What do you think of that!? Interesting no?

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