Kivanc Tatlitug Joins "Harim Al Sultan"

Kivanc Tatlitug

It's official! Kivanc Tatlitug AKA. Mohannad, has joined the cast of the popular Turkish series "Harim Al Sultan"!

Kivanc has been cast as prince Salim and will appear in the episode 95 after the death of both prince Mohammad and Mustafa. Thus, Kivanc will be the star in the fourth season of the series.

It has also been reported by the Turkish media that Kivanc is currently practicing the art of the sword ... How to carry a sword and how to fight with it! He is also trying different looks by letting his beard grow.

What are your thoughts?
Would you really like to see Mohannad in "Harim Al Sultan"?
Or could this news be an April Fool's prank? ... Something to think about!

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