Rim Banna's New Album, Mystical

Rim Banna Album Cover

Palestinian singer Rim Banna has just released her latest album on Monday, Revelation of ecstasy and rebellion.
The album, which contains 12 songs is simply chic and may I use the word "matronly" ... not in the motherly sense of the word but in the sober and astounding sense of the word.

The songs are mystical, exhuming rays of rebellion, difference and passion.
The words are those of great poets from the past and present such as Ibn Arabi, Rabia Al Adawia, Badr Shaker Assaiab and Mahmoud Darwish.

One of the songs was written by a Tunisian who has suffered under the reign of Ben Ali and was tortured in the prisons of Tunisia, Amara Al Omrani.

If you haven't heard of Rim Banna, or haven't listened to her songs yet, this album is a gateway to her and her impressive style.
This album is truly worth listening to ... contemplating the words and certainly the tunes, which carry the words as if on magical breezes.

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