Miss Arab World 2012

Nadine Ben Fahd

The annual "Miss Arab World" beauty pageant was held last night in Cairo.
The girls competing on the title and the crown came from around the Arab world and participated in some charity work and a cooking competition just for the event!

The event was attended by tens of famous faces from around the Arab world, including actors, singers and musicians, poets and journalists.

There were some live performances by Dolly Shaheen and some of Star Academy's stars; Marwa Nasr, Nessma Mahjoub and Amani Swissi.

After a ceremony of award presenting to some celebrities, the judges announced the winner and the runner-ups.

Syrian contestant Nadine Ben Fahd won Miss Arab World, while Egyptian Rufan Yousef won 1st runner up and Tunisian Nadia Khalifa won 2nd runner up.

What do you think of Nadine Ben Fahd?

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