Ammar Al Shereii Passes Away

Ammar Al Shereii

Have you heard of Ammar Al Shereii? Well, if you haven't, maybe you should look him up, because he's one of the greatest Egyptian composers.
Ammar Al Shereii passed away today after a long struggle with health problems. He was scheduled to be flown abroad for treatment after heart problems, but died this morning. He was fairly young; 64.

Al Shereii was blind, he was born that way, but that never stopped him from pursuing his dream of music. He studied music and played the piano, 'oud, accordion and the organ.

Al Shereii composed music for hundreds of TV series as well as tens of movies.
He also composed music for many Arab singers.

In the past couple of years he hosted a TV show about music, during which a semi orchestra played the tunes he talked about and explained how and why the tunes were composed the way they were. It was truly an interesting show that enlightened people about the beauty and complexity of true Arabic music.

He was loved and respected and will be missed in music realm ... May he rest in peace.

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