Morsi and The Democracy Charade!

Mohammad Morsi

The elected Egyptian president, Mohammad Morsi, has officially proclaimed himself the new Pharaoh of Egypt ... You may ask, why? Well, although he has come after a revolution that asks for democracy, justice and freedom of practically everything, he has denounced democracy, put freedom aside and laughed in the face of the judiciary system when he announced new decrees giving him absolute power and not only that but immunity from having his decisions subject to review! That's the definition of a Pharaoh to me!

The revolution in Egypt overthrew Hosni Mubarak for similar reasons, but even his decisions were never above the law!

When Morsi came to power after the first real elections in Egypt, he was seen and advertised as a "Moderate" ... but I can't see that anymore! Can you?
He grabs full power and declares his decisions to be above the law ... all this in the name of protecting the new era from pro-Mubaraks ... and secretly, to seize power infinitely and never give it back to anyone who is not from the Muslim Brotherhood! there! I said it!
Isn't that the truth after all? I mean let's take it from their point of view ... those people have been fighting for power for years, not only in Egypt, but for example in Tunisia too ... they have come to power at last, after years of mistreatment and prison and torture ... why let it go now? They'll be mad to just hand over the keys of power!

Am I the only one here that thinks this whole "we have been chosen by the people and democracy will finally prevail" is just a charade?

I guess I am not the only one, because the streets in Cairo are boiling and Tahrir Square -among others- is full of protesters who are asking for true democracy and are exercising their rights of freedom of speech and freedom of opinion.
Egyptians will not stand silent to such decrees and will fight for the true freedom of their mother land ... May the force be with you!

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