Harim Al Sultan, A Distorted Image of The Truth

Harim Al Sultan

Turkish drama "Harim Al Sultan" has gained wide success and popularity across the Arab world ... but is what's being portrayed a true image of the time of the great Sultan, Sulaiman Al Qanuni, who is also known as Suleiman The Magnificent?
The answer to that question is simply, No! Not do I only object to it, but Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and some historians believe the depiction is a distorted image of the truth and that the TV series is full of irrelevant content!

It is true that terrible things used to happen in the court and in the Harem, but the Sultan himself was too busy with wars, politics and other important state issues, than to be involved in the trivialities of the sphere of women in the Harem!

The truth of Sulaiman Al Qanuni is that he was the longest-reigning Sultan and he spent most of his 46 years in power on horseback fighting for the Ottoman Empire, thus it was his time that was the Golden time of the Ottoman Empire.

Sultan Sulaiman

Sulaiman was a wise, respectful and brave man. He was as much a man of the sword as a man of the law. during his time, the Ottoman Empire came to the height of it's cultural development. How could a man so cultured, so educated and so serious, be involved in the issues of the Harem and be pictured as a man who most of the time was sitting behind his desk in the Palace? Absurd!

Other discrepancies include details of the Harem.
Not all women in the Harem were for the Sultan to take to bed ... he only chose a few and the other women were servants, some with secretary-like jobs, managers of the household and some were even there by contracts! There service would be for nine years after which they are free to leave and go on with their lives, get married and so on.

As for the wife of the Sultan, or the Sultana, whose name was Roxelana, she was not from Russian descent, but was the daughter of a Ukrainian Orthodox priest.

The series might be a huge production that's breathtaking to the eye ... to the viewer who has no idea of the truth. It may be very entertaining to watch, but that's it! It is just another series ... and we still await a better series to show the true magnificence of Sulaiman and his reign.

What do you think? Are you watching "Harim Al Sultan"? What do you think of the series and how it depicts Sulaiman and the court?

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