The Voice - Episode 11 - LIVE

Lamia The Voice

The third round of the LIVE shows of The Voice was very interesting and challenging both for the contestants and their coaches!
This time, we were surprised that the contestants that usually sang western songs (English or French) performed in Arabic ... and vise versa!

This gave both the audience and the judges the ability to better judge the voices. It is difficult to compare a western song to an Arabic one! So, this evened out the voices and made the competition fairer.

Each team now consists of 4 voices, but by the end of the episode there were 3 left.
Here's how each team did ... after the jump ...

Saber's Team:
Audience vote: Qusai Hatem
Saber's choice: Lamia Zaidi & Samer Abu Taleb

Assi's Team:
Audience vote: Murad Bouriki
Assi's choice: Mori Hatem & Hassan Amara

Kathem's Team:
Audience vote: Yusra Mahnoush
Kathem's choice: Nour Irqsousi & Chris Jar.

Shereen's team:
Audience vote: Farid Ghannam
Shereen's choice: Mohammad Adli & Inji Amin

What did you think of the show?
Was the voting fair? Were the contestants who were given the boot really weaker than the others who stayed?

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