Drama in Syria is Business as Usual!

Ayman Zaidan in Zaman Al Bargouth

With all what's going on in Syria these days, there still seems to be a ray of hope ... life doesn't stop and for some people it's just business as usual!
It seems the business of drama in Syria hasn't come to a halt! How naive am I to think that!?
It has been announced that work on the second season of the Syrian series "Zamaan Al Bargouth" will be underway next Saturday and shooting will take place in Syria.

The series, which puts the era between 1919 and 1926 under the spotlight, stars a bunch of famous Syrian actors like Ayman Zaidan, Saad Mina, Salim Sabri, Sabah Al Jazairi and also the young Algerian star Amal Bouchoucha!

The first season of the series was broadcast last Ramadan and saw great success.

I wonder, will the second season be ready just in time for Ramadan 2013?
I wonder, won't the war that's tearing Syria apart come in the way for working on this series?

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