Paris Hilton in Mecca!

Paris Hilton Store in Mecca

Farce! This is exactly what a farce is!
Paris Hilton attended the opening of her 5th store in Saudi Arabia, which happens to be in the holy of holies, Mecca!
Why does there have to be 5 Paris Hilton stores in Saudi Arabia? Not to mention one in Mecca?

Is that a place for such an infamous floozy such as Paris Hilton? Come on! That's just so fake and lame! It's an insult! It's just plain hypocrisy from the Saudi's to allow Paris to open a store in Mecca!

Is Paris Hilton now the hottest trend in Saudi Arabia? There must be some disease going on that makes Saudi girls buy so much of her fashion that she's so successful there!
I have no more to say ...

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