Lionel Messi: At Gunpoint and Bribery in Saudi Arabia (Photos)

I know that crowds can go crazy when a celebrity or renowned personality arrives in a certain country. But what happened when Argentinean football player Lionel Messi arrived at Riyadh Airport last Monday night was crazy! A throng of fans was able to skip security to the airport thus, chaos occurred. But it seemed like Messi was in no danger from his fans rather he was in more danger from his minders! Well one in particular!

Lionel Messi Gun Pointed at his head

Some photos surfaced last week showing a terrified-looking Messi with the barrel of a shotgun pointed at his head. The guard was so busy fending off the crowd that he didnít realize his gun was posing a threat to the football superstar. It was a good thing the gun didnít blow off and hurt Messi otherwise, Saudi would be in so much trouble!

Photos of Lionel Messi in Saudi Arabia

 Lionel Messi in Saudi Arabia

The guardís thoughtless way of handling his firearm got me thinking, he probably needs more training on how to properly guard a client. Though the incident was kind of funny at an angle, it could have been tragic as well.

Messi in Saudi Arabia House

Aside from the gun-pointing photos, there are also rumors going around that a Saudi family paid Messi US$2 million just to visit their home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! Saudi and Arabic news sites point to a photo where Messi poses with four children as the proof but until now neither the children nor the family have been identified. The place where the photo was taken appears to be a public place because thereís a ďNo SmokingĒ sign on the side table.

But the question is why would the news sites claim that Messi was paid US$2 million? Are they, by any chance, trying to tarnish the football starís reputation? Surely a photo op with fans would be something he would welcome and he doesnít need monetary incentive to do it. And another thing, heís earning a lot just by playing football so he doesnít need to be bribed.

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