Sofia Al Marikh and Basma Bousel Retire!

Sofia and Basma retire from singing

What a bombshell to end the day on! Both Moroccan Star Academy graduates, Sofia Al Marikh and Basma Bousel have decided to withdraw from the music scene and retire! Yup, that actually means that they'll stop singing and you wont be seeing them on any music channel any time soon!

Both singers have recently gotten married ... Sofia to a Moroccan businessman and Basma to Tamer Hosny.
Regarding Basma's retirement, it seems Tamer was the one who proceeded in stopping all her projects and asked her manager to refuse any concerts or parties and asked him to stop all work on what was to be her upcoming album.

Who would have thought that Sofia and Basma would become housewives/ homemakers after they tied the knot?
But between you and me ... I met someone today that told me: "we don't need anymore lousy singers on the scene, the ones already active are more than enough!!!"

What do you think of that statement?!

Oh! And another thing I"m wondering about ... do you think Tamer Honsy will eventually make Basma wear the head scarf?

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