First Photo of Tamer Hosny & Basma Bousel Together

Tamer and Basma first photo

Check out this first photo of Tamer Hosny and his new wife Basma Bousel in public after announcing their marriage on Facebook on August 30th.
The couple attended a Birthday party at Al Masah hotel in Cairo held by Egyptian actor Majed Al Masri for his two-year-old son, Adam.

I bet Basma is telling all those girls out there: Eat your hearts out girls! He chose me!
Or could she be saying something else? What do you think she could be saying in her heart?

In all cases, rumor has it that Tamer is going to celebrate their marriage in a very unconventional way ... he's going to take Basma to Saudi Arabia for a Omrah!

Did you hear the other rumor that states that Tamer announced his marriage in that sudden and bizarre way and on that particular date, to divert the attention of the media and music movers from Mohammad Hamaki's latest album, which happened to be released on August 30th? If that's true, it's a slick move from Tamer!

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