Bab El Hara 6 in Ramadan 2013

Bab El Hara 6

I never thought I'd be saying this but, Oh No! No More Bab El Hara!!
I think you'd agree with me that 5 seasons of the Syrian drama have been more than enough.
Syrian writer Marwan Qaouq has revealed that he's struck a deal with famous director Bassam Al Mulla for a sixth installment of the "then" famous series Bab El Hara.

The more surprising aspect of this all is that Qaouq talks about the return of Abbas Al Nouri to the Hara! Could you give me a reasonable explanation to how a dead person comes back to life? This is just too lame!

I just don't think it's a good idea to bring back Bab El Hara, especially that the last two seasons were very weak ... you need a very strong comeback to make it work and from the looks of it, it ain't going nowhere but down!

Both Qaouq and Al Mulla must make a miracle to bring back the magic and strength of the first season of Bab El Hara ...

What do you think?

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