Jamal Sulaiman in Sayedna El Sayed

Sayedna El Sayed

Jamal Sulaiman has really taken Egyptian drama by storm! He's been appearing in Egyptian TV series for the past few years and has gotten the hang of the Egyptian accent!
This year he's the star of a series entitled "Sayedna El Sayed".

Sulaiman will be playing three different generations in the series, starting with Fadloun Al Jinazi, a strong Saiidi man, who the people of the town fear because he marries their young daughters by force!
That's when the second past of the series begins, and where Sulaiman plays the part of "Abul Qasim" the youngest son of Fadloun, who decides to flee the town because of his father's tyranny. And the story goes on from there, where Sulaiman plays the grandson!

The story takes place between the years 1945 and 2005.

What do you think?
Is Jamal Sulaiman doing a good job at playing the "Egyptian" role?
Has he finally gotten the accent 100% right?

Would you like to see Sulaiman return to Syrian drama once again?

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