Laila Uloui in Napoleon w Al Mahrousa

Laila Uloui in Napoleon

This year Laila Uloui is taking on "Napoleon Bonaparte" !
The series, which stars a number of Arab and Non-Arab actors, and is directed by the famous Tunisian director Shawqi Al Majri, sheds light on Egypt during the late 18th century when Napoleon invaded Egypt.

The series takes us through many important events, such as the battle of Shobrakhet between Napoleon and Murad Bek, the leader of the Mamelukes.
It also takes us through time to the 1st and 2nd Cairo Revolutions which led up to the defeat of Napoleon and his departure from Egypt.

The series also shows the compassion and unity of the Egyptian people together in such difficult times.

Other actors include Sameh Assuriti, Ahmad Maher, Khalil Mursi, Naser Saif, Mohammad Abu Daoud, Sabri Abdul Munaem, Aziz Makhioun and Helmi Fouda.

The series airs on many Satellite channels.

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