Khawater 8 with Ahmad Al Shukairi

Khawater 8

Ahmad Al Shukairi, one of the brightest minds in the Middle East, returns this Ramadan on MBC with season 8 of his constructive show "Khawater".

This season is very different ... Guinness Book of World Records different!

Ahmad aims at making the Arab youth fall in love with voluntary work, by showing a group of young people from around the Arab world, breaking records and getting listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for volunteering! Interesting!

The show also sheds light on the fact that youth have the seed of "goodness" in their hearts. They just need to search for it, water it and watch it grow.

During each episode, Al Shukairi takes us on a trip with a bunch of young people, who depart on a pre-assigned mission in some country.
They jest is, they should accomplish the mission that they have volunteered to go on!

You can catch Al Shukairi and Khawater 8 on MBC1.

Will you be watching? I think I will.

- Khawater 8 - Episode 1

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