Hind Sabri in Vertigo in Ramadan 2012 (Photos)

Hind Sabri Vertigo TV Series

If you liked Hind Sabri in her last year Ramadan TV series "Ayza Atgwez" or "I want to get Married", then you should be excited about her new series "Vertigo" which will air soon in Ramadan 2012.

In this new series, Hind will be playing the role of "Farida', a photographer who happen to be in bar where highly ranked business men and VIPs in Egypt were having a meeting that turned into a big bloody fight which Hind photographed through her camera. These photos will turn Farida's life upside down and start her journey to escape from people trying to kill her...

Here some photos of Hind Sabri in Vertigo

photos of Hind Sabri in Vertigo

On other news about Hind Sabri, the Tunisian Actress was recently in Lebanon to receive her Award as the best Arab Actress for the year 2011 for her role in "Asma" and "Ayza Atgwez". And for that we say, congratulations Hind, you deserve it.

- Vertigo - Episode 1

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