Luke Skywalker’s Home Restored to Its Former Glory (Photos)

Luke Skywalker Home

Most of the time, the sets used in films get recycled for future use while other are simply abandoned and left to rot. The latter is applicable to the home of Luke Skywalker in the famous “Star Wars” film! The home where he lived with his Aunt and Uncle in the film still exists and it’s simply sitting there in the Tunisian desert. It’s been there for over three decades and many “Star Wars’ fans visit it, but sadly nobody made the effort to take care of it hence it has grown into disrepair.

Photos of Luke Skywalker Home in Tunisia (Photos Credit: Mark Dermul)

Photos Luke Skywalker Home Tunisia

But one avid fan was not going to let it fall into total ruin! After seeing the state it was in back in 2010, Mark Cox, who is from England, took it upon himself to restore the iconic set. That same year, he and his wife started a Facebook page to get funding for their project.

Luke Skywalker Home Restoration Team

Hundreds of “Star Wars” fans responded to their call. Just after a year, they were able to accumulate around $11,700, which was enough to restore Luke Skywalker’s home to its former glory. But they ran into a glitch. They had to postpone the restoration because of the Arab Spring uprisings that happened in 2011.

They were finally able to push through this year. Six crews flew to Tunisia, and with the help of some hired hands they completed the work within four days. Don’t think it was that easy. Imagine working in a 120-degree heat! But their efforts were all worthwhile!

Though the restoration is done, they plan to raise more funds for future repairs by selling a DVD or their efforts as well as a book.

One thing is for sure, “Star Wars” fans can continue to enjoy the famous tourist destination for a long time! So, have you made a trip to Luke Skywalker’s home in Tunisia?

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