Tamer Hosny New Song, Hate it Without Any Hesitation!

Tamer Hosny

Patriotism and being devoted to your country is a great thing but when it's used for the sole purpose to make money and fans, it becomes ridiculous, silly and unethical especially when it comes from someone that didn't support the Egyptian revolution from the beginning and was kicked out of Tahrir Square when he tried to save face.

And if that is not enough, we get an out pour of extremely silly songs that Egypt doesn't need at all! On the contrary, such type of songs doesn't help! Listen to the English chorus of Tamer Hosny's "Masr El Salam" song, i tried hard to accept it so i made sure to listen to it several times before i made any judgement... I couldn't accept it, I feel like washing my ears! The girls singing seem under stress to pronounce the English words correctly: "Ancient civilization .. a land of pyramids nation .. you'll love it without any hesitation .. Eeegypt .." Come on!

When Tamer starts singing "Masr El Salam", the first thing that comes to my mind is Hamada Helal's "Shohdaa' 25 Yanayer" which coming from Helal was genuine and full of honest feelings despite the similarity...

Tamer Hosny Crying

Tamer is trying hard after the revolution and he needs to slow down and take it easy!
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